Manjaro 21.04 Gnome version won't boot

I have the Manjaro Deepin on one SDD and it’s great. It’s Awesome.

…so ,.,…I had put the Manjaro Gnome version on Another SDD. The Installment seemed okay.
I do see the grub menu. I do see the Manjaro logo at the bottom…mm…after that, it’s just black screen LOL

it’s Manjaro Gnome 21.04 version. Clean installment.

Any suggestions and help to boot into login screen / desktop ?

Hi. I guess, I had a very similar problem. Just have a look to the solution I got proposed. It works (at least for me): After update Manjaro won't boot to Gnome Login - #10 by Yiannis128
Hope that helps you too.


…so … I should use a LIVE USB desktop and open terminal and put this in ? Would that work ?

“sudo pacman -Syu gdm-plymouth”

I don’t know how your system is behave. I managed after a fresh install to start the system at least once. Then I used the “sudo pacman -Syu gdm-plymouth” command.

Thank You.

I just reinstalled Manjaro Gnome. Before I actually start install, I have the auto-login on first.

Then when I got to the desktop, I had used this command, “sudo pacman -Syu gdm-plymouth”.

I just reboot with login on… It works.

Thanks !

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it’s faster too with kernel 5.12 !!