Manjaro 20.2 Nibia got released

Almost nothing downloading, poor servers.

I get full speed here. Make sure you choose a mirror close to your location when your are on the OSDN page:


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Ok, but I tried to use a torrent.

No probs here. I have downloaded them all already and seeding now.


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Great news!

It seems those changes are only available to new installation. Are those trimmings reproducible on existing Gnome installations and how hard that would be?


One of the team members have explained this here.

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Change the dynamic wallpaper to static one. That is all. We discovered that the dynamic wallpaper had absurd resource usage and dropped it.


@emke and @Chrysostomus Thank you!

I am so excited! I am a like a kid at christmas opening presents. lol So I just installed a fresh gnome and the WOW factor is definately there. It is so snappy compared to PoPOS. No problems to report so far. :ok_hand: Hats off to all involved and thank you!

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You can find a release announcement at distrowatch:

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Wasn’t able to boot the install media with 6800XT, tty screen came up ok but the KDE desktop failed. (black)

Is there no magic trick I can try in the boot line to resolve this.

The solution is to install Architect and then chroot linux-mainline before restarting. There are other steps but that’s basically it.

Did you also tried the ISO with linux54 kernel?

@philm, when will you allow installing with the ESP on /efi ?
I currently mount my ESP on /efi and do a bind-mount of a subdir of the ESP as /boot.
This setup will work for all boot-loaders…
Using /efi is by the way the recommended place to mount the ESP see The Boot Loader Specification

That is simply not true,
Both /boot and /efi are fine as long /boot is not on a separate file system, that is not recommended. Since this is not the case with Manjaro it does not matter a bit.

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You are wrong…see this quote:

This placeholder file system shall be determined during installation time , and an fstab entry may be created. It should be mounted to either /boot/ or /efi/ . Additional locations like /boot/efi/ , with /boot/ being a separate file system, might be supported by implementations. This is not recommended because the mounting of $BOOT is then dependent on and requires the mounting of the intermediate file system.

Note the parts i made bold especially the underlined parts…
Because most distributions, manjaro inclusive, mount the ESP at /boot/efi they all fall into this category of “not recommended”…

So by mounting the ESP at /efi in combination with a bind-mount of a subdir of the ESP at /boot makes it the recommended way while still allowing to install the kernel and ramdisks in /boot with the current tools…

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Very nice release ! I also love the boot splash, but sometimes it shows up and some times it don’t. Still didn’t understand why.

Indeed as it says. With boot being a separate file system… that part is also important and that is not the case with Manjaro by default as it is also not with (most) other distro’s.

Also you simply claim only mounting on /efi is recommended and according to your own quote that is simply not the case.

Rolling your eyes does not change that fact, sorry

Note I do not question you legit question, but only the claim you add to it.

Installed it today but the KDE Plasma version is very very laggy, any idea what might cause it?

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Plasma version has issues reported in many threads… Seems to be a KDE problem not a Manjaro one. Waiting for a permanent fix…