Manjaro 20.2 gnome edition release candidate

It is usually best to regenerate initramfs with with the capital -P flag, so it gets done for all installed kernels.

 mkinitcpio -P
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I have a new HP Envy x360 15t (intel tiger lake), and the install media works fine, but after install system doesn’t boot.

I had to add “vmd” to modules and regenerate the initramfs.


I am a very new Manjaro Linux newbie. I have the same problem - that gnome calendar closes when switching from 2020 to another year. I have only a local calendar with no syncing. Sorry, I did not mean to send you a warning if that is what I did. I clicked on the “!” in the yellow triangle thinking that I would see a warning message pertaining to the calendar closing.

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FWIW, I am running Manjaro 20.2, kernel 5.10.0-1, Plasma 5.20.3 on an older Dell Precision 7510 with Radeon HD 8890M graphics. If I were superstitious I would avoid saying the following, but so far no new issues observed. The only problem that I have observed has been when trying to use my monitor at 4K resolution. That was a problem with every previous flavor of Linux I used so not unique to Manjaro. But, at 2560x1440~60Hz the display is absolutely beautiful.

I am entirely pleased having switched from Mint to Majaro. KDE is hands-down the top-shelf UI (in my opinion).

Does the current release candidate allow for the installation of the root file system on a btrfs partition/volume/thing?

Yes. If you choose btrfs for root filesystem, it automatically uses subvolumes @ and @home.

Thank you. Also, thank you to whoever wrote manjaro-chroot. I can now wait for Nibia to be finalised before reinstalling Manjaro.

The Stable is released today and work on 20.2.1 is started

New RC images is uploaded now, and newer Stable images will be uploaded on Sunday evening this week

Thanks for the news. What is the difference between Rc3 and rc4 ?

Bug fixes.

@Chrysostomus: OK. Big problem with LibreOffice-fresh 7.0.3-2 and Manjaro Gnome 20.2-rc3 with all updates. See my problem posted here. Bug ?


Great news … waiting a stable one… calamares with better btrfs support included in this one ?

What about hybrid installer like in Jade ? Possible or no ? That is nice choice for an users, to choose which app we needs :slight_smile: easier than architect :slight_smile:

No unfortunately, I’m starting to work on it after this release is out.

No, but we improved manjaro-application-utility in manjaro-hello a lot, which does most of the same stuff. We will continue to improve that.

Ok, great…waiting for new upload :slight_smile:

Has the new stable ISO been pushed?

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No, the most recent is 20.2-rc4. There will be a release announcement when there is.


Can we expect a final release this weekend ?

latest stable update is marked as release

The release might already be uploaded, doing announcement soonish

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