Manjaro 20.2 ANSYS Installation

Greetings to all prople in this forum!
Wishes for a happy new year.

I am facing a weird problem for quite a while, although I didn’t find the time to ask for a solution.

Since doing a fresh installation of Manjaro a while back, I face the following problem when trying to install anything from the ANSYS suite:
The installation menu has no fonts. Everything is filled with squares instead.

You can see what I mean in the following screenshot:

I faced a similar problem a while back (missing fonts replaced by squares), but it had to do with snap packages.
I think it was remmina that had the problem, I managed to fix it by clearing remmina snap and installing from the official repositories.
However, this problem has nothing to do with snaps; I am trying to install from the official .iso files.

Note that ANSYS worked fine on Manjaro 20.0 and 20.1, which I had a while back.
It seems to be some font problem, though I cannot figure out which one.

I have installed xorg-fonts-75dpi and xorg-fonts-100dpi, since ANSYS needs them later on.
However, this it the first time I face this problem on the initial installation screen.

Any ideas?