Manjaro 20.1 - Huawei Matebook D15 - Fingerprint Scanner issue

Hello Guys,

I am using a brand new Huawei Matebook D15 laptop. I have installed Manjaro 20.1 alongside Windows 10 (dual boot). Everything looking good so far except fingerprint scanner. This laptop has a fingerprint scanner which also works as Power Button.
Linux can detect it as below with lsusb command:

Bus 001 Device 003: ID 27c6:5110 Shenzhen Goodix Technology Co.,Ltd.

But I can’t use it under Manjaro! I have installed fingerprint-gui AUR package: GitHub - RogueScholar/fingerprint-gui: Use fingerprint readers with a Linux desktop environment

But It’s saying No device found

How to use this fingerprint scanner to authenticate/login into Manjaro?

The fingerprint reader on my notebook was also not recognized by fingerprint-gui, try using fprint in terminal, I’m pretty sure it will work for you. :wink:

I tried fprintd in terminal as well as you said, no luck :frowning:

    $ fprintd-enroll

    list_devices failed: No devices available

it seems the fingerprint device not recognized at all! it’s from Goodix

It seems I was too optimistic. I tried googling the ID of your FP reader and so far it seems it’s not yet supported under Linux, unfortunately… :disappointed:

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tough luck :frowning:
so I am stuck with traditional password method…

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