mangohud and goverlay executables older than installed version


I have installed mangohud and goverlay from the software center:

[tares@jigoku ~]$ 
sudo pacman -Q mangohud
mangohud 0.7.2-1

tares@jigoku ~]$ sudo pacman -Q goverlay
goverlay 1.1.1-2

However the version is older when actually using both apps:
Przechwycenie obrazu ekranu_2024-07-02_05-26-23
Przechwycenie obrazu ekranu_2024-07-02_05-48-55

How can I make it to use the actual version?

The only thing I’ve managed to find, that if I download Mangohud from github and do the manual install, it will upgrade the version to 0.7.2. But I don’t want to do that everytime there is a new version. Help?