Mandatory edk2-armvirt dependency for qemu-system-aarch64


There are two bugs related to qemu-base on Manjaro ARM version (Aarch64):

  1. Qemu-base now default to qemu-system-x86
    Which will be super slow for aarch64

  2. Qemu-system-aarch64 has mandatory dependency on edk2-armvirt
    That package is the UEFI runtime for Aarch64, and the official Archlinux x86_64 package can be used directly.



Both are packaged by Arch Linux

and inherited by Manjaro as they are … hence available in our repository.
3 days ago the quemu got split package

I’m talking about AArch64 version, thus I guess in that case your upstream source should be ArchlinuxARM, not Archlinux (x86_64).

In that case, I have also reported the problem to ArchlinuxARM.

This issue has not been fixed yet:


Try this PR: