Manajro Terminal/System Soft-locking

Okay So, Not entirely sure what happened, i typically load a vm for gaming in my XFCE manjaro build, all of the sudden one day i went to sudo virt-manager then… well… nothing it just hung there,so i just restarted the then vulva! IT WORKS! well… sometimes? after i installed a PCI card manjaro will sometimes allow me to use the console. i cant even restart manjaro has it just hangs on a console shutdown screen, i HAVE to hard shut down this is not an issues with a single console emulator XFCE’s Stock Emulator, XTerm, Konsole, And CTRL+ATL+F# even the system console does not work or it does, it just works some times and doesn’t other times? Did Todd Howard start making Linux updates? this has gotten to the point my pc is very hard to use because i dont know if or when my console will work so i’m dumping XFCE in favor of KDE but i’m going to install a new M.2 so that maybe this can be fixed rather then just deleting everything, i’ve updated to the latest LTS kernel from another LTS kernel (currently 5.15.21-1) I’ve updated everything (minus libvirt, libvirt was downgraded to solve an issue (from 1: to 1: any ideas?

So, Update. Manjaro sorta just died? it would not initialize the UI, forcing me to Alt+F# and even then the networking in Manjaro died so I’ve switched to Manjaro KDE. as a result this thread should be closed