Manage snaps/flatpak permissions in pamac

is there a way to enable support snap permissons, like when i install a snap package on manjaro, there is no way ( that i know of ) i can manage the permissions given to an app/package,

permissions like acess to camera, file system etc. as the is one of the selling point of sandbox packages, as it also extend to flatpaks too, this is feature is available for snaps in gnome software and kde discover, is there a way to enable this feature or it not yet available ?

I believe what you are looking for is control of a snap’s interfaces. Interfaces allow (or deny) access to a resource outside of a snap’s confinement.

You may find the section Manual connections at the snapcraft interface-Management documentation helpful.

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i understand this is the terminal way of doing it , what i requested was if it was possible to do this through pamac ( manjaro GUI package manager) as this is possible in kde discover and gnome software centre

No you didn’t:

  • pamac is a CLI program as well.
  • Your original post doesn’t mention the word “GUI” at all:

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:

You’re free to edit your original post to apologize for your unclarity and specify that you’re looking for a GUI solution though…


P.S. There isn’t one, except to file a bug at the package maintainer and asking him/her to include whatever you want. Most will come back with @asowder3943 's response though…

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With Flatseal you can manage Flatpak permissions with GUI,Snap i don’t know if there is a GUI for that.

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