Man-db regeneration problem at startup but randomly

Hi there.
I have a problem with my Manjaro. Sometimes when booting the laptop it hangs with this log:

The weird thing is that only happens sometimes, not always.

Could you help me?

Hello there

If you don’t often read the man pages (or will remember to manually update them when you do), then you can mask the service using systemctl ( sudo systemctl mask man-db.service )

This is weird though, shouldn’t be taking so long.

It’s actually triggered by a timer:

$ systemctl status man-db.timer

You may edit man-db.timer and set preferred time for man-database update, e.g. I edited it to ‘daily 17:00’ (or 05:00 PM if you like it).
I don’t think that masking this service is a good idea 'cos mans (manuals) may come in very handy when actively using OS.
P.S. Same may be done with updatedb.timer, altho if you don’t use locate to find files it’s not that important and may be removed.

Sorry my ignorance. But, what means “mask the service”? I never used that option with systemctl.

To quote man systemctl

mask UNIT…
Mask one or more units, as specified on the command line. This will link these unit files to /dev/null, making it impossible to start them. This is a stronger version of disable,
since it prohibits all kinds of activation of the unit, including enablement and manual activation. Use this option with care. This honors the --runtime option to only mask
temporarily until the next reboot of the system. The --now option may be used to ensure that the units are also stopped. This command expects valid unit names only, it does not
accept unit file paths.

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