Making taskbar look like Windows 7 for KDE Plasma?


Is it possible making taskbar look like Windows 7 for KDE Plasma?


Yes, is possible. I usually do not point to videos on youtube, but this one is fine:

Links from their channel:

Global theme:
Kvantum Theme:
Gtk2+/Gtk3+ Theme:
Color Theme:
Icon theme:
SDDM Theme:

That windows 10 and I hate windows 10 look. I use Windows XP and Windows 7 for so long. I’m prefer that old look :slightly_smiling_face:

The following is just a tangential note, because @bogdancovaciu has adequately answered your question. But it’s something that I feel you should keep in mind nevertheless…

The thing is that if you insist ─ for lack of a better word ─ on making GNU/Linux look like Microsoft Windows, then you are never going to be able to use GNU/Linux successfully, because then you’ll be bringing your Windows habits and Windows expectations to GNU/Linux.

That approach would never work out, because GNU/Linux is not Microsoft Windows, and was also never intended to be a replacement for Microsoft Windows. GNU/Linux is a UNIX-family operating system, and it was intended to be an alternative to proprietary UNIX. It does not respond the way Windows does ─ or vice versa.

Therefore, by allowing yourself to remain in the Windows atmosphere, you will be having a lot of unrealistic expectations of GNU/Linux, and you will be coming across a lot of unexpected (by you) behavior.

The best approach is therefore to embrace GNU/Linux for how different it is from Microsoft Windows, and to see it for what it is, as opposed to for what it is not. And then there are still many things you can do on account of themes, wallpapers and colors. :wink:

Just some good advice from somebody who’s been helping former Windows users and Windows-GNU/Linux dual-booters for many, many years already. :wink:

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Yea I know Linux cannot replace Windows. The reason I want to use Linux because Windows 10 got a lot privacy issue and like I said before I hate Windows 10 look. Windows 7 is no longer support by Microsoft, that why I decide change to Linux. I heard many people said Linux is better than Windows. Dual boot is no good also and you still using Windows what is the point? Thanks anyway. :blush:

I hear you. My point was not quite to answer directly with a solution for Win7 look, but rather share the principle of doing that change in the UI Desktop. There might be themes and menus that mimic Win7 in the same places the links i shared point too, but, would be either old and not working properly, or even not exist anymore.

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Is ok :wink: Manjaro Cinnamon is no problem to use it right? Manjaro Cinnamon can change it to Windows 7 look. I wonder how come Manjaro Cinnamon is not official?

Ugh, no… I should never have clicked this link, now I’m sick :face_with_thermometer: :face_vomiting:

How come you sick? :scream:

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