Making Game - Linux Firefox Shows 33% Slower HTML5 Performance Compared To All Other Browsers?


My team started making a new HTML5 Internet video game using the TIC-80 Engine.
The HTML5 game is locked at 60 FPS(Frames Per Second)

Game is 33% slower on Linux Firefox compared to every other browser on Linux and Windows?

  • Linux Firefox 40 FPS ?
  • Linux Chrome 60 FPS
  • Linux Opera 60 FPS
  • Windows 11 Edge 60 FPS
  • Windows 11 Firefox 60 FPS
  • Windows 11 Chrome 60 FPS
  • Windows 11 Opera 60 FPS

Any ideas?

Click below URL link to run the HTML5 game demo in your browser(s):


What is Gamepad Button #1? I cannot find it to play the game

and my FPS is 60 (Firefox on Linux)

I think it’s just a demo and not actually functioning right now.
The ESC key works to show another menu - also non functional …

The frame rate shown to me is also 60, sometimes 61

Therefore, I cannot confirm:


Thanks for running the game in your Internet browser.
We will skip a frame and limit the Frames Per Second to 30.

And yes it it just a non-functioning demo at this point…

PS - I am using current nVidia driver with a GeForce GTX 970 4GB GDDR5 GPU on Manjaro KDE.


Working now on the playing screen:

Yes, I started and FPS down to 30