Making changes in the shell theme of Gnome

I want to make some changes in the shell theme. I found out that there is a gnome-shell.css file in the theme folder. Can I make some changes here? Do I have to compile it or how do I make it work?

The changes I want to make are some size changes in the grid of the Appicons in the App launcher.
Some googling showed me that there is a css class named icon-grid. I changed the size of it in the css file but nothing happened. Even after a restart. What am I doing wrong?


Don’t hold your breath … especially now that Gnome 42 is rolling also on stable soon.
I wrote something about GDM theme some time ago

Might help to understand that just editing the css is not enough.

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Do you mean that in Gnome 42 the theme works on a different way?

Seems to be some changes, didn’t dig much. The principle should be the same, but apparently there are other changes for some definitions as is using libadwaita now.

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I tried it, but I can’t generate the *.gresource file. There is no gnome-shell-theme.gresource.xml file.

The theme I use is Matcha-aliz. Do I have to use a different theme?

You can use that but see the source of it. The files are there Matcha-gtk-theme/src/gnome-shell at master · vinceliuice/Matcha-gtk-theme · GitHub
as it has the gdm-theme.gresource.xml and gnome-shell-theme.gresource.xml and you do not have to extract it … You can even fork it and make it your own with your own touch-ups.

How do I know that I don’t have to extract it?

Because you have the source of it in the link … you do not use the precompiled one that you install via AUR. Is much easier to identify everything via the sass/scss files, you edit those and then compile it as per instructions.

Ah now I see some changes when I reboot. That’s very good. Thank you.
Do you know a bit about the gnome-shell.css? or know a good tutorial about what each css class does?

I found the icon-grid but I want to make some other changes.