Making a Custom Manjaro ISO with a Custom Background?

I’m interested in making a custom background image for a manjaro ISO that I’m making with buildiso (following 's tutorial).

I see that there is a branding file called /etc/manjaro-tools/branding.desc.d, but it includes references to variables and paths (the module section it talks about) in locations that I can’t see:

How can I place a custom logo for one of the images? I’ve tried to find a “module” using the find command, but I havn’t been successful so far.

Doing custom branding is not only in Calamares. What exactly do you try to achieve here?

Basically a custom Manjaro themed distribution.

We’re have a coding team, and I thought it would be cool to have our logo on the desktop when it installs as well as our programs that we use all the time. :slight_smile:

I’ve got the package list down (minus the AUR stuff which will be installed by a yay script), but some of the branding had me stumped.

It really depends how deep you want to rebrand your spin-off of Manjaro. Sure we can help you to get started. Do you have a screenshot gallery or something on a github or gitlab project I can look at. Also do you have our profiles already forked. I recommend to use github, as there you can reuse our CI scripts for easy creating the ISOs. Setting up a custom 3rd-party repo is also possible, so you don’t have to use yay for building your AUR packages on the fly. Maybe they are already compiled by a 3rd-party repo.

If you have a matrix or telegram handle you can PM me that and we see how we connect.