Make `zsh` default in Plasma and XFCE editions

Please make zsh default shell in xfce and kde plasma version.

It’s already included in the XFCE and Plasma install images, but there’s no good reason as to why it should become the default.

bash is a trusted and reliable shell that has already long proven itself, and that is also used for the initialization of the system. zsh on the other hand is a still fairly new shell that’s popular among newcomers as an interactive shell, but it’s not really suitable as a shell for system initialization scripts.

It is either way trivial for the user to switch their default interactive shell over to zsh if they so wish. :man_shrugging:



I may have overlooked that but I don’t remember I could choose my shell when I entered my login information during the installation. Would it be possible to add a shell selector in Calamares during the user account creation step (with a default value if the user doesn’t know or care)?

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I’ve invited @philm to this thread. He’s the one maintaining calamares. :slight_smile:

oh my god.
zsh in very very very very slow.
so manjaro developers not use zsh by default.

You where the one asking for it in the first place… Didn’t you test it out, before asking? :wink:


Hello @alireza138812 ,

In regards to

No it is not. It runs just fine on my system. I switched to zsh as a default shell only for the user.
So far I don’t have any problems with it. I use my bash aliases, the path is auto discoverable so I don’t have to export path every time something new is installed and so on…
Even ~/.profile is read by zsh because ManjaroTeam made sure that it works by default if you wish to change to zsh.

Now you do have to create ~/.zshrc or find some configs of it on the internet and make it your own :slight_smile:

In regards to zsh beeing default shell out of the box or choosable from calamares, I don’t think its necessary, because new users might get confused and other reasons bla, bla, bla… :smiley:


Anyway, you can change the default shell by chsh or editing the file that chsh changes, so no big deal I think?


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