Make ttyUSB0 permanently writable for Arduino development

I have recently gotten a micro controller (esp32, the node32s board) and overcame a few stumbling blocks before getting it working. I managed to resolve brltty interfering with the device id, as well as being able to make the ttyUSB0 temporarily writable with sudo chmod a+rw /dev/ttyUSB0, to fix the “permission denied” error in the Arduino IDE. This fix usually lasts until I plug it in and out again.

I saw online that you could make it permanently writable by adding the user to the tty and/or dialout groups. However, the former didn’t help and the latter didn’t work (dialout group doesn’t exist, as confirmed with groups).

Running ls -l /dev/ttyUSB0
Returns crw-rw---- 188,0 root 4 Jan 16:57 /dev/ttyUSB0
(It becomes crw-rw-rw- after executing the temporary fix.)

In examples online, there should be a group name like dialout or tty listed before “root”, but that isn’t the case here. I suspect I may be missing a package, or could solve it with a udev rule, though the archwiki couldn’t help me in that regard. I do have avrdude installed, is something else missing?

Add yourself to uucp group :wink:

Just for clarity, because I found it confusing as hell using the command the first time. OK, the first couple of times.


sudo usermod -aG uucp <username>

Where <username> is your username.

Oh, I should’ve checked if the archwiki has an arduino page, of course! Thanks a lot, you’ve saved me a good chunk of sanity.

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