Make tracker less resource intensive?

hello everyone,

is there a way or a solution to disable the tracker when booting/starting (see picture)? Every time I start the laptop this process consumes almost 100% of the CPU and it’s very noisy and annoying.

I saw that I have the Dconf editor on my laptop, can I change something there if necessary? And if so what exactly?

Thank you for your help

Greetings Susanne

I have no idea what that process is, i never heard of it either. :woman_shrugging:
Maybe you should first try to find out from which package it originates, that way you can decide if you need it or not…

/usr/lib/tracker-extract-3 is provided by the package tracker3-miners which is part of Gnome.

It indexes your files and make searching faster: Projects/Tracker - GNOME Wiki!

Apparently, you can turn it off in Gnome’s settings under “Search”. However, you’ll lose a few feature which might or might not be important to you.


I know this is for ubuntu, still, good info: .

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There are solutions in the forum, how to disable
this Gnome file indexing service…
(Maybe senseless on SSD to use tracker)

The most indexing tips are on baloo and not tracker. Tracker has some special features that might be beneficial and more than just searching.

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Thanks for the tip, I deactivated the monitor in the tracker module in dconf-editor and now it’s quiet. I’ll have to see how that holds up over the long term.


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