Make the right alt perform just like the left alt key

Hello, I am trying to make the right alt key able to switch back and forth between languages just like the left alt key with the combination of right shift or left shift, I have tried following this page ( Apparently I can’t include links in my post) on the arch linux wiki but it’s not working… Not sure why…
If anyone could help I’d be thankful :slight_smile:

Not sure but cant you set this at Input Devices -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts for Switching Layout?

the first alt combination at main shortcuts and the second a Alternative shortcut?

Unfortunately, there is only one option there which is Alt + Shift , however, forgot to mention that the right alt + right shift do change the language but it can’t go back, it’s not looping over like the left ones do.

Playing a little bit in the settings this turned out to be a working solution.

For anyone having this issue, just enable this option as follows :slight_smile:

Input Devices -> Keyboard -> Advanced -> Key to choose the 3rd level -> Enable the option 'Right Alt never chooses 3rd level'

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