Make the KDE File Picker the default (Have the package kdialog pre installed on the OS)

Hello there. I would like some help regarding the file picker window for browsers and such. I apologize if this is a duplicate topic.

While using Manjaro I have been having a great time, but I have noticed that when uploading files on the likes of web forums or message apps the window that shows up is quite weird. The eye searing brightness contrasts heavily with the dark theme I installed for the system and there is no way to make this interface show thumbnails for the files, forcing me to rely on the preview for very slowly finding the right file.

Looking to fix this I identified the issue as having to do with the default file picker programs for many Linux distros, GtkFileChooser. A programs that is around 20 years old and has been procrastinating on adding this simple function even windows XP had since TWO THOUSAND AND FUCKING FOUR! But, there is a solution!

Apparently people have gotten tired of waiting, and simply made new file pickers. KDE Plasma comes bundled with one of these newer iterations of this type of software already so that we no longer have to suffer the slog of going over hundreds of previews to select the perfect smug anime girl to send as a reply.

This topic thus has 2 functions:

1: Request that on future Manjaro releases the KDE Plasma File Picker comes as default for the system from the installation

2: Ask for help, as I have no idea how to go about doing the process myself being a newbie to everything Linux.

Since the 1st is covered by the title of the topic, I now ask for help changing the file picker. How do I go about doing it?

it already is.

This depends on the app that is having another file picker.

Really? I would have thought a file picker would be universal, not app specific. Huh.

Both the default Firefox and the Brave browser I am currently using have the thumbnail-less picker.

To my knowledge, Chromium based browsers require the package kdialog in order to use the KDE file picker by default.

pamac install kdialog

Worked flawlessly! I installed the packaged and restarted the system, the browser picked up on it.

I would like to amend the OP in this case to make it so that package comes bundled by default on Manjaro releases. Seems like a very small change that would massively help new users.

Is there another file-picker option?
If what I have is KDE Kdialog file-picker, it limits the amount of files I can pick.

**I am trying to select a large directory of files to be uploaded into cloud storage, and when I do a CTRL-A and click open I get an error, because what is listed in the filename box is truncated, and then “Not Found”

I am hoping changing the file-picker might help?

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