Make Settings App in KDE More Coherent

I was wondering if there are any plans to revamp the KDE System Settings app? The whole app feels confusing and doesn’t have a very consistent way of organizing settings. I love having so many options, but finding the one I want sometimes requires a few tries at an internet search to figure it out. I’ve heard this complaint from others as well. I think this fix is long overdue.

From what I’ve seen lately in the Linux media, I think Manjaro will soon make the shortlist of distros beginners choose (which I think is great), especially since it will function similarly to the Steam Deck.

This is something I would be willing to help out with, but I have very little coding experience. I like organizing things and wouldn’t mind sorting through everything and helping it be more coherent, but I wouldn’t be able to actually implement any of it.

You should forward this to the devs.

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I have absolutely no qualms with/about it. I know that I might not always know where something is, but that’s where the handy search comes in:


The search is quite helpful, but sometimes I don’t even know what something is called, or KDE calls is something different than what, for example, Windows calls it

@maycne.sonahoz I’ll do that. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Also the KDE devs have been slowly working to fix the placement of item. Putting them where they make more sense to be.


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