Make phone calls via KDE Connect (or similar) via KDE Plasma Desktop

Sometimes when I’m sitting at the PC and get a call while I’m sitting at the PC with headphones on, I think it would be nice if you could make calls on the PC using the headphones and microphone. All media is paused while the bell rings, but it would be cooler if it could be done on the PC. Maybe that already exists?

Signal might be worth looking at (I’ve never used it), and is available via Manjaro repos:

sudo pacman -S signal

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There are some services that use VoIP like Google Voice, but generally one cannot use a PC to make or receive regular phone calls. However, one thing I can suggest is pairing a BlueTooth headset with both your phone and PC. When using something like KDE Connect your music / video will automatically pause when a phone call comes in and you’ll already be connected to answer the call.

… the Manjaro repos. :wink:

❯ pacman -Ss signal-desktop
extra/signal-desktop 6.37.0-1
    Signal Private Messenger for Linux

Yes, Signal might be an option, however both parties have to use it.

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I would use a USB Bluetooth adapter to connect your phone to the PC.
You would then be able to use the PC as a headset.
Just make sure the adapter is actually compatible with Linux.

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