Make Meta+Shift only (without any other key) triggering the shortcut in KDE (default behavior in Cinnamon)

Hello everybody,

I was using Cinnamon which I really loved but I switched to KDE because I was unable to do directionnal focusing with the keyboard in Cinnamon.

However, in KDE the Tiling Up feature only tiles up a windows while in Cinnamon in first Tiles Up the window then upon a second press it Maximizes the window.

So I can simply use the dedicated KWin shortcut for maximizing, however I wanted to keep Meta+Up for Tiling Up and have Meta+RShift to Maximize. It makes sense for me since it’s just above the Up key.

However I’m unable to set Meta+RShift as a shortcut. The tool waits for another “regular” key press to register the shortcut. So the RShift is only seen as a modifier.

However, in Cinnamon I was able to use Meta+Shift as a Keyboard shortcut.

Does anyone know how I can achieve this in KDE?

Thank you very much.