Make git use the system certificate store

I’m running a Gitea server on my RaspberryPi. By using nginx as a reverse proxy, I’ve applied a self-signed ssl certificate.
When installing git on Windows it is possible to make git use the Windows Certificate Store.
Is it possible to configure git on Manjaro to use the system certificate store?
I’ve added the certificate by running trust anchor --store /path/to/rootCA.pem and it’s working great with Firefox and some other applications but git tells me that there is a SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate.
Most people on StackOverflow simply suggest to turn off ssl verification but I don’t think this is the way to go. I’ve found this answer to make git trust a self-signed certificate but it involves adding the certificate to only to git again.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Even when using git clone --config http.sslCAInfo=/path/to/rootCA.pem https://git.a/b/c.git I get the error message. So is my certificate wrong in some kind of way?