Make dolphin tabs equal in size

I am using manjaro kde edition. Is there any way to make the tabs in dolphin file manager equal in size.Rightnow the size of tab is changing according to the folder name. I want all the tabs to be in fixed size. Is that possible.

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I’m afraid not, unless you’re willing to rewrite the source code. :man_shrugging:

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OMG, okay i will live with that :slight_smile:


Or go to Dolphin Bugtracker and add an feature request and cross your fingers :wink:
I also think it would be nice to set the width of columns to an fix absolut/percent value…

Thank you, i will give a try :slight_smile:

You better do it soon! Any KDE feature requests submitted before July 31 can be worked on by 2028. Otherwise, submissions after August 1 will be slightly delayed until the year 2032.

Best of luck! :+1:

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