Make calls and receive from the desktop via phone

I am using ferdi in which I have services such as whatsapp,telegram which does not have voice and video call service
Is there anyway to have voice calls and video calls via desktop?

With Signal you can use text, voice, and video-based communication. You can install it from AUR or Flatpak.

Many instant messaging clients have audio/video chat, and many of those are available on Linux. Plus many SIP clients.

Is there any other way to have voice or video call via whatsapp?

Considering that

There is no official WhatsApp desktop client for Linux, and Facebook has strictly attempted to ban third-party clients and plugins using their protocol. [1]

and that the official Help center only mentions WhatsApp Desktop, and not WhatsApp Web, for making audio/video calls,

you likely can’t.

[1] WhatsApp - ArchWiki

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