Make all window shadows intensities equal on all sides

How can I make all shadows equal intensities or values on all sides? Seems like it’s only biased to the bottom. Also, I think there is also a black shadow, how do I remove it? I’m using Breath Dark.



Settings, you can clearly see here the shadow is more visible on the bottom rather than thesides and almost no shadow at the top.

If you alter the code for Breeze Windows Decorations.
Anyway, what you try to achieve was called Glow actually, not Shadow, and KDE Plasma 4.x had some themes done like that, here is an example: Tenuto-Light-ActiveGlow Aurorae theme - KDE Store
That Aurorae themes code was dropped AFAIK, but maybe you can use the Oxygen one …


Thanks! I realized I didn’t have to be picky on the windows decoration since I have set the boarders to be none and the title bar is hidden.

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