Make a background color transparent within a certain panel

I use a top panel for a Global menu, Application menu, System Tray and a Clock.

I would like to replace my bottom latte-dock with a second plasmashell panel, but I would like to make its background - fully transparent (without affecting the transparency of the icons within or the transparency of the existing panel at the top).

If I use Active/Inactive transparency for the panel via Windows Rules, the whole panel including its content fades out with the background, which is not a desired behavior. The goal is to mimic latte-dock by having the icons fully opaque, whilst removing the background color of the panel and using as least amount of resources as possible. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I couldnt quite find a way to do this with a panel.
But … I do know that plank or ksmoothdock would be lighter than latte.
And they have packages in the repos/aur.

I think I found a neat way to do that with panel, which is actually perfect solution for this. I don’t need other docks, it requires only a tiny plasma panel widget (~12KB): Panel Transparency Button.
This widget could add a full transparency to any panel you specify (does not affect all panels used).

As a bonus, this panel will let me use all plasma widgets natively. All requirements are met! :partying_face:

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Ah nice. That seems just about perfect.
And its from psifi … who is the same person that made latte :wink:

(ps - I marked your post as the solution … feel free to change it if you find a better one)

I tested the final result and it looks quite descent as a replacement. However, the goal was to decrease the amount of resources spent on a dock and this is my observation:

Latte-dock took 227M or RAM and peaked with 4% of GPU from time to time.

Now plasmashell takes identical amount of RAM and peaks with 2% of GPU but it rarely does it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t record how much of RAM did plasmashell use when I had latte-dock enabled. @cscs: Could you check on your end how much of RAM does plasmashell use for a single panel?

188 + 79 shared

And I dont use many widgets … (just menu, task manager, and systray) yours could have definitely been higher. But if we take that as the comparison …

you added 42 + 96 shared instead of 227 + 132 shared… a net win.

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Amazing! That resolves my issue entirely. So, I saved approx.:
180M + 36M shared + some CPU/GPU power

Thanks, @cscs! :smile:

Final result:

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