Major issue on Qonos with large M.2 drive and Truecrypt volumes

Hi Folks, first of all a very happy and healthy new year to all of you.

Having a little leisure time, I was curious whether I should switch to Manjaro from my current Ubuntu/Debian based environment. Thought of it mainly due to the more current driver/kernel support for my MSI Bravo E17FKAMS with the AMD Ryzen 7 4800H and dual graphics. This by the way seems to work very fine, and I want to say congrats to the folks who are doing the hard work getting such a distro together.

Actually I was trying with a live boot, and got pretty far. But where I got stuck is when I want to mount a built in M.2 4TB. I did copy a couple of screenshots (which I am not allowed to attach here), and it appears as if this piece is not found by the OS. GSmartControl says /dev/nvme01n1, Unknown model. And it would not mount anywhere,e.g. to /mnt. Funny this piece works just fine in 20.02 LTS, where it was formatted ext4 with Gparted.

Second issue is even more of a show stopper, and it has to do with truecrypt, which installs just fine from sources, but when you want to mount any file, it stops with: " device-mapper: reload ioctl on truecrypt1_0 (254:0) failed: invalid argument. Command failed." After a little research, I tried -m=nokernelcrypto but it doesn’t do any good.

Would be nice if anybody has some ideas and hints.

Best, Tobi

Hi there,

So you mean building from source?
Is there a reason you are avoiding the packages in the Repos/AUR ?

Hi, thanks very much for your quick reply. No, Truecrypt was not compiled from sources, just installed from the “sources” std repo (software installer) and after it didn’t do, I also tried an older version (truecrypt-7.1a-setup-x64), that I would prefer anyways (this build was before “someone” had a dispute with the developer back then). Installed fine, too, but no change on the mounting.

Hello @Tobias,

is there a reason why you dont use ‘veracrypt’? ‘Veracrypt’ is based on ‘truecrypt’ and is still maintained instead of ‘truecrypt’.

For systemwide encryption you also can take a look at ‘LUKS’. :grinning:

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Dear Kisun:

Thanks for mentioning Veracrypt. Right now all of my containers (~2TB) are double encrypted on Truecrypt and I did have an issue with versioning or mounting yet, thus I haven’t felt the need to go that route. I just wanted to try whether I would go better with Manjaro instead of Ubuntu, but the error itself is a showstopper right now, and I was hoping to find a fix for the error described. Besides, the m.2 issue, since it could be somewhat related. LUKS is a little tricky for me as it is not portable. I tend to use the Truecrypt containers to multiple OSes on the same machine and sync to remote clients occasionally as well. Many thanks.

Years before I moved from windows to manjaro I came also up with ‘truecrypt’ containers. ‘Veracrypt’ gave me the possility to port ‘truecrypt’ containers to ‘veracrypt’ containers without the need of reformating it.

But be aware this is a ‘one-way street’. ‘Veracrypt’ containers cant (as I know) moved back to ‘truecrypt’ containers and ‘truecrypt’ cant handle ‘veracrypt’ containers.

Hope this helps you a little bit for your futher way. :wink: