Maintainer(s) wanted

dont know how much help i would be, but im willing to help. Anything i can do for experience i suppose. I am doing this for a future career so. :man_shrugging:

I started working on updating the manajro-architect code. Already managed to find some problems, but now I have big problems with free time to finish it quickly.
I already wrote in detail about it here - Architect iso install story - #9 by beliys
However, much of the work has already been done.
I hope to roll out a patch with fixes in the near future.
If you have the skills to debug bash scripts, then I need help with debugging.
If the skills are not enough, then a little later I will need help with testing.
Send me a PM with your contacts with a description of your capabilities.


any update on if Architect will be back? as i don’t know about anyone else but it was one of the best editions to manjaro it gave you the feel of being an arch user without actually fully doing it the arch way

It helps if you read the thread before replying: :wink:

Don’t know if you know it already: Arch itself now has a textbased installer in their official iso. It’s a script to precise. I’ve tried it, and it works like a charm, even partitioning. Just to let you know if you want to check it out as well.

Hello, everybody! Finally, there was time to fix the known problems that prevented normal use of this image.
Please help with testing the latest version of the image, which is always available at stable · Releases · manjaro-architect/download · GitHub.
Please report any bugs you find here - Issues · Applications / manjaro-architect · GitLab.


Can be installed and used via live iso?

I think that it is possible, but this option has not been tested.

Thanks, but I mean since architect is in the official repo if I run the live iso and install that architect in the repo, will it be the same as using the architect full iso?

Compare the version, is Architect from the repositories, the same version as the latest Architect ISO? From what I know you may be able, at least you WERE ABLE, to use Architect from a live ISO. I think it used to work, it may have been provided on all ISO now that I think about it, there was a shortcut on the live ISO desktop I think.

In any case, you may simply test (but I would be careful, remove all SSD/HDD you don’t plan to format, just in case something goes wrong :D)

@notageek manjaro-architect is always updated on startup. Also, when changing the version, I usually build a fresh image.
At the same time, as I already said, work with installed MA on a live image is not tested. Better to use from here - stable · Releases · manjaro-architect/download · GitHub

Well, they are labelled differently in octopi and on the website but looking at the date of release I think is the same
and yes my last install with MA from live iso was August-11-22 so with the previous release but at that time I was unaware that MA was maintained again…

Thanks for your work :smiley:
downloaded the iso. I may try next month when back home

i just tried it in a VM;
after typing “Setup”, and it trying to update a few packages,i get
sudo: manjaro-architect: command not found

What image did you use?


Why not stable image?

because it’s from feburary.

The image creation time has little effect on installation, because manjaro-architect itself is updated at startup and it is tested. You will also get fresh packages on your system, because packages are installed from repositories, not iso.
At the same time, automatic development-unstable images are built from the unstable branch and exclusively test the possibility of building an iso with unstable packages in order to make timely fixes in case of problems.
In my opinion, it makes no sense to use development-unstable images instead of stable.

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you are right,i must have forgot what i was installing;Architect and not a complete ISO.
i’ll try the Stable one.