Maintainer(s) wanted

archinstall is an easy and quick way to install arch,but it is quit limited in options compared to architect.
it also lacks(same as architect) a step to create a swap partition.

What about a fork of the anarchy installer?

Nah, archinstall seems like a more comfortable backend, because it is scriptable and you can make any kind of interface for it.


Right now, architect is significantly more convenient and functional, although I agree that archinstall is architecturally more modern. At the moment architect is the most flexible and functional installer.

I have been waiting for a long time that maybe @Chrysostomus will return to active work with architect or there will be a new maintainer, but apparently the moment has come to take this responsibility on myself.
I also don’t have a lot of time to quickly convert manjaro-architects to a more modular architecture, but I will find time to fix all the bugs that prevent me from updating the manjaro-architects package and creating an iso.

What do I need to get trust and update the manjaro-architects package, and then the iso?

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I’ve never had any problem creating swap in architect. Can you create Issues (

i’ve done it a long time ago,and as far as i can recall there was only the possibility to create a swap file,not partition(in the menus options)

I’ve always created it as a partition. There is definitely such an opportunity.

And if you dont … its all of 5 commands to make a file … I would honestly prefer it.


Heres some quick steps creating 8gb at /swapfile (and it actually is exactly 5 commands!) :

sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/swapfile bs=1M count=8192 status=progress
sudo chmod 600 /swapfile
sudo mkswap /swapfile
sudo swapon /swapfile
echo -e "\n/swapfile               none            swap            defaults,pri=-2 0 0" | sudo tee -a /etc/fstab > /dev/null

(currently untested … as such … but should be about right.)

EDIT - looked again and fixed it to make sure fstab entry is on a new line … seems truly right now. :wink:

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Heyo what’s up with the Architect? Is it working? Last time I checked I would have to work out stuff manually which is meh. Thx for the great work. :+1:t6:

@beliys sent some nice merge requests and I updated the package. It seems that community is stepping up to improve it! :grin: This makes me very happy.


How is architect going now? @Chrysostomus

I don’t know if architect = (some desktop environment edition) - (some packages) + (a CLI installer)

It still gets some small updates here and there. Still needs a full time maintainer though. I’ve tried it recently and it still works fine.

Architect installs packages and configs depending on how maintainers set up the ISO Profiles.

I am using architect frequently - and you can use your own profiles to create your own automated installs using the architect script.

Especially the LVM works well and LVM on luks is a breeze.

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I would like to clarify the situation on the basis of what I myself know.
A little higher, I stated my desire to be a maintainer.
There was no reaction and after a while I wrote to Matti (@Chrysostomus) and asked what would be needed to release the official release. It turned out that manjaro-architect could not be released because during testing there was a bug where the installation would hang. After a while, we were able to reproduce this bug and make a fix. There were also fixes for other problems and the implementation of small improvements.
After that, Matti made and published a new version of the manjaro-architect package with fixes (0.9.35-1).
Next, we decided to make CI for daily builds, which would allow us to find build problems in advance and make corrections to iso-profiles. Just like it was done for GNOME edition (GitHub - manjaro-architect/download: Download Manjaro Architect - Developer Builds).
Matti is a very cool guy who created this wonderful project, but unfortunately he doesn’t have much time to maintain this project.
In fact, I have to periodically annoy him to take the next step, since at the moment I have very limited opportunities to make changes on my own and not enough authority to get all the necessary rights.
Since the process is taking too long, I decided to temporarily make unofficial images. An unofficial stable release can be downloaded from Releases · manjaro-architect/download · GitHub
All unofficial releases will be available through this link until official releases can be made.
All concerned, please help with testing. Write about found bugs here - Issues · Applications / manjaro-architect · GitLab
Thanks to everyone who supports this initiative.


dont know how much help i would be, but im willing to help. Anything i can do for experience i suppose. I am doing this for a future career so. :man_shrugging:

I started working on updating the manajro-architect code. Already managed to find some problems, but now I have big problems with free time to finish it quickly.
I already wrote in detail about it here - Architect iso install story - #9 by beliys
However, much of the work has already been done.
I hope to roll out a patch with fixes in the near future.
If you have the skills to debug bash scripts, then I need help with debugging.
If the skills are not enough, then a little later I will need help with testing.
Send me a PM with your contacts with a description of your capabilities.


any update on if Architect will be back? as i don’t know about anyone else but it was one of the best editions to manjaro it gave you the feel of being an arch user without actually fully doing it the arch way

It helps if you read the thread before replying: :wink:

Don’t know if you know it already: Arch itself now has a textbased installer in their official iso. It’s a script to precise. I’ve tried it, and it works like a charm, even partitioning. Just to let you know if you want to check it out as well.

Hello, everybody! Finally, there was time to fix the known problems that prevented normal use of this image.
Please help with testing the latest version of the image, which is always available at stable · Releases · manjaro-architect/download · GitHub.
Please report any bugs you find here - Issues · Applications / manjaro-architect · GitLab.