Mail command: mailutils gives command not found, have to install s-nail

This is to share my experience and for discussion, not to ask for assistance :slight_smile:

Manjaro is not shipped with mail command, I searched and found I need to install GNU Mailutils by installing mailutils package. After installation, when I type “mail” command in terminal it says:

bash: mail: command not found

Then I found s-nail package and installed it, it works well, I can use mail command without problem.

Just a little background.

The mailutils package actually contains the GNU mail command. But the binary is called gnu-mail
Of course you could link gnu-mail to mail in /usr/bin if you want.

Besides the GNU mail command, mailutils contains a lot more programs and daemons to send, receive, store and sort mail.

The s-nail package on the other hand contains only the BSD like mail command. It follows more the spirit of the old mailx program and the packages also contains a link form mailx to mail in /usr/bin.


Thanks for the info! Learned a lot

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