Magic trackpad 2 paired but not working

I am brand new to Linux. I installed Ubuntu 20.04 and was able to pair and use an Apple Magic Trackpad 2. I then installed Manjaro 20.1 and set it up for dual boot. I was able to pair the trackpad but it doesn’t connect. I tried another old Apple trackpad and had the same experience, it pairs but does not connect after. The only way I can use the Magic Trackpad 2 is using the USB cable. My motherboard has the Intel AX201 chipset.

I booted back to Ubuntu and unpaired the Trackpad 2 and tried Manjaro again with no change.

I was able to pair and use AirPods Gen 1 and Cowin Noise Cancelling Headphones without any problem.

Not sure what else to try as I haven’t found this exact problem in the forum.

Kernel 5.8.18-1
XFCE desktop

I finally got it working! I unpaired the trackpad. Started Bluetooth Manager and hit on the search button. After it listed the Magic Trackpad I selected it and clicked connect from the Device menu. After it connected the mouse functionality worked.

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