MacbookPro Touchpad and tips

Hi, ive been using mac for over 15 years and so im used to some aspects of unix-like operating systems. I decided to try linux Manjaro xfce on my macbookpro11,1 and im facing some issues. Im trying to get the trackpad working a little better and ive been following this wiki.archlinuxDOTorg/title/MacBookPro11,x#input-mtrack guide which says install the xf86-input-mtrack-git driver and then add a config file to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/00-touchpad.conf. I installed the driver from AUR and added the config file but on reboot the trackpad was extremely sensitive and unusable.

My question is: How do I know if im doing it right? Im feeling a bit in over my head at the moment, are there any gides on this type of stuff to give me a basic understanding of what im doing.