Macbook Pro M3 (Nov 2023)

Hi all,

I’ve searched quite a bit, but I cannot find any instances of anyone discussing installation of Manjaro on Apple M3 hardware (although it seems lots of people had some level of success a long time ago on M2 hardware). Does anyone know if this has been attempted yet? Would it likely be useable?

Use parallels and the archinstall iso - then mogrify the installed system to Manjaro.

The Fedora Asahi Remix - Asahi Linux does not yet support M3 - so there is that - leaving your options to use parallels.

ah thats a fantastic option, thank you

any chance there is a guide/tutorial for this? specifically, am I using the ARM iso? also, i’m not familiar with mogrifying.

As I recall there was one topic on EndeavourOS forum - but it was based on a now outdated base vm.

I have bought Parallels for my M1 and for as far as I have come - the [Archboot] iso is the tool you are looking for - but I have not got to point where I actually did it.

I have a Manjaro installation based on some old work from the Asahi Linux developers but I am not using it and - frankly - it is a waste of space - so at some point I will get to create an installation using Arch Boot.

When that times come - It really makes no sense to convert it to Manjaro - so my plan is to leave it as Arch.

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