MacBook Pro dual boot, running - Manjaro and Monterey OCLP( unsupported macOS )


I was running fine with a dual boot in a 15" 2011 MacBook Pro.

I did not know what happen, the device do not boot, after a Sonoma update. :grimacing:
I can not boot In the macOS partition, but I could boot in Manjaro.
I try everything and I finish making a NVRAM reset, that make me loose the patch for disabling my dedicated graphic card, but also, my “Manjaro boot option”.
I reinstall Monterey, but can´t (don’t know) how to repair my Manjaro boot.
I have try solutions that I found (booting with a Manjaro USB installation disk) but no avail.

OCPL (Open Core Legacy Patcher) create a boot picker, for choosing Os.
I don´t have knowledge, I but I think that is an EFI file, that I can not make available for the os boot picker.

Can I copy my Manjaro files, format that partition install again and copy my previous files?

check for distros like “systemrescue” or similar ones that you can run from live-iso to get access and backup your important datas.

What exactly does ‘to no avail’ mean? Can you boot into the live usb? If not how would you

If you can

  • connect an external drive and save your data/do a backup/clone the drive then shut down
  • If you want your MacOS back follow apple instructions to fix this and shut down. If that works without reinstalling and overwriting manjaro or if you can live without MacOS the following should still work:
  • again boot manjaro live usb
  • chroot into manjaro
  • reinstall grub.

To stay positive here, this is a brilliant time to:

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Apple branded hardware is for macOS.

Apple uses specific versions of hardware components and as such Apple has implemented workarounds for various issues related to the specific hardware used by their systems.

Those is usually not made to be common knowledge but may be available from hackers and tweakers around the globe who has made backports available through means they considered vialbe.

Whether those work arounds is available - that depends …