Macbook Pro 2015 Webcam Issue

Hello everyone, I’m having a problem with my macbook pro 2015 internal webcam. I’ve installed "bcwc-pcie-git" and "facetimehd-firmware" but still my webcam is not working. what could i be missing?


Jumping into this one as I also have a macbook pro (early) 2015 (I hope that’s okay. I don’t want to duplicate queries).
I’ve also installed "bcwc-pcie-git" and "facetimehd-firmware", and my webcam is also still not working.

I’ve had a look at the Wiki but I don’t see what I’m not doing right…

Those packages simply cannot be installed in the last Manjaro. I don’t know the reason, but appstore log says that.

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Thanks for letting me know.
That would explain.

Do you know if there are any alternatives?
It’s not the end of the world as I don’t video call that often on my laptop (I usually use my phone) but it’d be nice to have it working for the odd occasion I do need it.

I cannot vouch for any validity or usability on Manjaro but the AUR package is made for Arch - and the bcwc-pcie-git requires linux-headers package on Arch.

You will need to manually install the equivalent headers package(s) matching your installed kernel(s) as the any attempts to build it using pamac or as you call it - appstore will likely fail without.

You are absolutely right, thanks a lot.

I see several some issues during the installation, but I was finally able to build both packages and now camera works fine in all apps (mainly messengers), but Cheese freezes constantly in several moments after the launch.