Macbook Pro 2015 - Not booting up on kernel 5.7 or higher

I can’t seem to get any kernel of 5.7 (5.6 or lower is fine) or higher to boot on my MacBook Pro. It doesn’t even get to the login screen. The screen just stays black on boot.

It’s a 2015, i7, with onboard graphics (using i915 driver) and I suspect the graphics are the issue here but I don’t really know how to investigate this.

How can I get a log or some other indication of what is causing the problem?

Thank you!

reboot on version kernel 5.7 and stays
you should check in journal log

sudo journalctl -b -1 -p4 ( -b -1 boot before , -2  ... )

Super. I’ll try that after work and will report back

This is the log for that. Not sure how to find the actual issues in there. There are the ACPI errors in the beginning and then some Broadcom related errors, but I don’t know if any of those are actually the critical ones:

@lospompadores Did you get this resolved? I am having same issues on a 2013 iMac.

Unfortunately not. I googled the errors but haven’t found anything useful yet related to them. I’m not even sure those errors matter as not all items flagged up as error do. But it’s all I’ve got so I’ll keep searching.

@lospompadores I have been searching all over to no avail. Any kernel above 5.6 on any distro fails to boot. I will continue searching mate.

It’s been a head scratcher so far. I’ll definitely report back here if i ever get to the bottom of this

@lospompadores I was able to boot into 5.8 with adding this option to my grub config “intel_iommu=on”

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Superstar :sunglasses:

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