MacBook Pro 2015 - Network Manager Issue

Hello. I’ve got manjaro-bspwm installed on my MBP 2015. Kernel version is 5.6 iirc. Should I consider an external Ethernet source (i.e., lightning to dongle) or replacing the WiFi card itself? BCM4360 - Broadcom.

Ideally I’d like for it to run without additional dongles. Any suggestions specific to my device’s inability to detect and setup a connection?

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Hi, @switchhitter ,
Could you post the output of the output of the following terminal commands in this post?
inxi -Fazy
lspci -v
dmesg | grep -i broadcom
rfkill list all
nmcli connection show
You can follow this post in order to provide the information.
How to provide good information

Maybe your wifi card is blacklisted or blocked.

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