Macbook 2016 boot problem


I’ve had Manjaro running on my old Mac for a couple of months now, it has been running beautifully up until today.

I was watching a show full screen when my battery died. On trying to boot up again I get nothing but a blank screen. No text or bootloader has ever really shown itself when booting from a Mac so I can’t really see what’s happening.

I have a suspicion that because it died when running a video fullscreen something must be off with the graphics settings, but I can’t even figure out how to get into the CLI.

It’s a standalone installation so there is no dual boot options etc. The machine is essentially rendered useless. Any ideas?

boot from a live usb - check if the disk is still readable.

run a fsck on the root partition

Hi @linux-aarhus

Thanks for the quick response. Even when I insert the live usb and power the Mac on, I just get a blank screen…nothing but a backlight and some fan noise.

It seems that I can boot into Apple Internet Recovery mode to restore OSX (not that I want to) or use the built in disk utility to format the disk, but ideally I can just fix the cause of Manjaro not booting.

Sounds almost like the main board has died.

Sorry, saw the last post too late. Well, good news, it hasn’t.

@6x12 I thought so too, but see above. Seems the machine itself is healthy.

In that case I’d start by Reset NVRAM or PRAM on your Mac - Apple Support

@6x12 You’ve nailed it! Thanks so much for the help, system is back up and running :slight_smile:

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