Mabox Linux 21.11 Herbolth released

After almost half year of development I’m happy to announce new major Mabox Linux release 21.11 Herbolth.

Mabox Linux is a lightweight, ready to use OpenBox Desktop, powered by Manjaro.

To see whats new and for download links visit:

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Very nice spin, i like the themes a lot. By the way, what is the dock, not on the screenshot here but on your website, there are some with a dock at the right side, is it plank ?
Thanks, i will give it a try

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The Dock is just a second instance of tint2 panel configured as simple dock :slight_smile:
Those configs are “bundled” with: Gruvbox, Nordic, Dracula - Mabox meta-themes

Btw. there are a new, refreshed ISO images available built yesterday. Enjoy :slight_smile:

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January 2022 ISOs released: index - powered by h5ai v0.30.0 (


New Mabox released today, based on the new Manjaro