Mabox Linux 21.06 Geralt released

I’m very pleased to announce Mabox Linux 21.06 Geralt release
Mabox Linux is a lightweight, ready to use OpenBox Desktop, rolling-release powered by Manjaro.

For download links and to see what’s new visit:


Toss a coin to your Witcher. 🪙 :grinning:


A little info about August ISO refresh…


I’ve spotted two things, you have misspelled “Dark” in Maia top panel in Tint2 Panels Manager, and exit button in tile bar crashes tint panel and executes itself after exit button clicked.

Didn’t check how script looks like, but it seems that you don’t have variable for “empty” result or whatever it’s called. I use -z for it. Btw -s is very helpful also :slight_smile:

if [[ -z $MENU_BOX ]]; then
 exit 0
elif [[ $MENU_BOX == $MENU_ITEM ]]; then bla, bla, bla

Strangely, Cancel button is working, which is the same thing as exit button :thinking:

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