Mabox – first Manjaro-based distribution on Distrowatch

As some of you may have noticed, a new distribution has been added to the Distrowatch database: Mabox. This is the first distribution based on Manjaro :slight_smile:

About Mabox

Mabox is Manjaro re-spin with Openbox. It’s not same as Manjaro Openbox. Mabox has its own solutions such as side panels, Mabox Control Center or many, many themes. There are some differences between Manjaro Openbox and Mabox in preinstalled programs (correct me if i wrote wrong):

Thing Mabox Manjaro Openbox
shell bash zsh
terminal Terminator Termite
file manager PcmanFM Thunar
menu jgmenu ob-menu
panel tint2 tint2 and polybar

If you want to try Mabox you can download it from here:

And of course don’t forget join to Mabox forum. If you have any questions @napcok surely will answer you :wink:

Some screenshots:


Mabox isn’t the first Manjaro-based to be added, there was Sonar before and for a while there was “Netrunner Rolling” but that didn’t have a dedicated page on distrowatch.

Also in about 5 years the developer never published the iso profile to build Mabox

Here it is if anyone interested.

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They have released their June ISO now too if anyone wants the latest Manjaro with Openbox