M-Audio M-Track DUO installation

I am trying to get my M-AUDIO M-Track DUO USB device installed for use with FLStudio (on WINE). I am pretty much a noob on the Linux side of things so you will have to talk to me like I’m 5 on this. If some one can direct me to a good install article or help me out with this I would really appreciate it. I am migrating away from my Win 7 studio setup and have no desire to upgrade to Windows anything. I am currently running Manjaro 21.3.4 Xfce.

Thank you!

So after some research it looks like Pipewire is the way to go.

This interface should use standard USB audio driver snd_usb_audio and work on any Linux when plugged in

Use this command to check card details in PulseAudio or PipeWire

pactl list cards

or check Pulseaudio Volume Control GUI pavucontrol

“If a device doesn’t require drivers on OS X/MacOS or is advertised as working with an iPad, there’s about a 95% chance that it will just work on Linux.” M-Audio M-Track MK2 on Linux - #5 by paul - Linux - Ardour

I’m running a small studio, using a 404HDBehringer and a mixpre, both are class compliant and work as 2in/2out on linux. Recording works with linux apps like reaper, ardour etc, however…

You and many others prefer FL, I use Studio1 and I need the advanced opportunities of the win driver and S1 audio setup. I do a lot of recording and I need a stable low latency solution with access to all available in and outs. For now I (have to) use a win pc for this. I honestly doubt this is achievable running FLstudio.exe under wine on linux, even with rt kernel. Also keep in mind that every single plugin would need to be fully supported by wine; it’s simply very unlikely.

If it has to be manjaro install jack audio server and use/learn a ‘native’ linux app like (for recording excellent) reaper, ardour, bitwig… If you feel comfortable working with them install the rtkernel, that should work reliably.