M-audio 24/96 PCI Audio Card turned to Chinese brand?

I recently discovered that my M-Audio Soundcard magically turned to a Chinese Brand and is not recognised in Pavucontrol anymore.

I use latest 6.1.54-1 Kernel, unstable Branch.
Catched a Virus in the end?

Just checked with different live distros (Mint, gnome Manjaro, Antix)
Same issue. Soundcard is not recognised anymore.


After changing the PCI Slot, the soundcard is recognised again:

But still somehow strange…
Maybe my motherboard is too old…about 15 years

It might simply be that the PCI slot gave up the ghost…

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Yes, that’s possible. But why is it renamed to a Chinese Brand?



Just had a complete system freeze after I clicked pavucontrol. Had to hard reboot.
Now the soundcard completely disappeared. Not listed anymore after lspci command.
So it’s very likely that it is a soundcard issue. Or maybe still a motherboard/pci slot issue…CPU?

I doubt it is the CPU. However, it is starting to sound like hardware…

I uninstalled the soundcard, using my alesis io2 usb card now.

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from mis-detected Vendor ID code ffe1 - Suzhou XiongLi Technology Inc. | PCI-SIG


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