Ly display manager, Install guide?

Can anybody give a quick guide on how to install and config the Ly display manager?


Looks like the readme for the project is pretty solid if you wanted to build it yourself readme

But i would suggest installing via the AUR to be able to nicely track updates, AUR package info here

What config are you after? The readme suggests just reading through the config file here

Jeez I probably should have looked there first! That is a good resource. Thank you!

So I enabled the PSX Doom screen in the config file (my whole reason for getting this display manager). But every boot up the Doom screen only lasts about 2 seconds before going black and opening the default log in screen.

the instructions tell you to enable the service for ly, but did you disable any existing service for a different dm?

Yep, just checked and previous lightdm.service is disabled. I should say after 2 seconds of Doom screen it goes to the default Ly login not back to my previous lightdm login. I followed the instructions for config file by un-commenting the appropriate line.

 # animation enabled
 #animate = false
 animate = true

Have also tried with the next section un-commented also but no change.

 # the active animation (only animation '0' available for now)
 animation = 0

I appreciate the help, this is just my first week playing in terminal!!