LXQt/Kwin - Community ISO

Trying something new

Why am I doing this? Possibly in search of perfection - which of course is an unachievable :goal_net:

With part time job as system architect and coder I have to distract myself by doing something different.

Because I can :slight_smile: - with the joke aside - I enjoy creating something new and I have come to appreciate the combination of LXQt and kwin - so it is mainly because I use it - and if You find it usable too - I am honored - thank you.

The installer is located in the System Tools menu.

For you to enjoy and have fun with :slight_smile:

I have been trying to create a functional ISO with the least number of packages. Besides the Manjaro system (mhwd and msm - no pamac) the following packages is installed

  • feathernotes
  • featherpad
  • firefox
  • gparted
  • htop
  • konsole
  • mc
  • micro
  • pavucontrol-qt
  • plank
  • qpdfview
  • screenshot
  • xscreensaver

Because I use it on a laptop I have enabled firewalld service.

NOTE: I have moved the location so you will be redirected to uex.dk/iso. Dont panic - this is intentional.

More news


Thank you for your always magnificent work with this community

I was needing just that :point_down:

Thank’s @linux-aarhus!

Best regards from Brasil

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