LxQt - How to disable the warning prompt on suspend?

I have started to use LxQt to try it out and quite like it, but there are a few annoyances for me.
One is that every time I choose to suspend, it will prompt me with
“Do you really want to suspend your computer?”

If I didn’t want to, I wouldn’t have chosen the option from the menu LOL.

Does anyone know how this warning prompt can be disabled?
Or if there is at the worst case a way to set it to auto choose yes after xx seconds?

Thank you

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From the menu select Preferences > LXQt settings > Session Settings (alternatively run lxqt-config-session in a terminal window) and under Basic Settings uncheck the option Ask for confirmation to leave session.


Hi Bill
Thank you so much. Your instructions are perfect, it worked like a charm.
Sorry I did not notice your reply before today.
Best wishes

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