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Hi. I’m new in Manjaro, but advanced LXQt user (used Lubuntu). I found LXQt 2.0 packages in Extra-Testing repo of Arch:
But looks like there is no such repo/branch on Manjaro?
PS I found separated repos from AUR, but not sure that installing it with:

yay -S liblxqt-git lximage-qt-git lxqt-about-git lxqt-admin-git lxqt-archiver-git lxqt-config-git lxqt-globalkeys-git lxqt-notificationd-git lxqt-openssh-askpass-git lxqt-panel-git lxqt-policykit-git lxqt-powermanagement-git lxqt-qtplugin-git lxqt-runner-git lxqt-session-git lxqt-sudo-git pavucontrol-qt-git pcmanfm-qt-git

is good idea.

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Manjaro does have an [extra] repository, and it does contain lots of LXQt-related packages. However, the LXQt community edition was dropped because it was no longer being maintained.

The same is true for several other community editions, such as MATE, Budgie, Deepin, OpenBox and Bspwm. This does not necessarily mean that the packages for those editions have been dropped from the repos — although that might be the case for some — but just that we no longer offer up downloadable ISOs for those particular editions.

If you are new to Manjaro, then please be advised that the use of the AUR is not supported, and that for the best success with anything from the AUR, you should be running the Testing or Unstable branch of Manjaro, due to the package version differences between the Manjaro repositories and the AUR, which hosts build scripts for software intended to be used in Arch proper — Arch is several weeks ahead of us in software adoption because Manjaro is a curated rolling-release distribution.

Thanks for info. I’m ready to any unstable versions/branches.

Looks like that’s main thing: LXQt 2.0 appeared in Arch 1 week ago and I need to wait - I can only find 1.4 in Testing/Unstable branch:

…in Arch Testing, sure. As soon as it lands in Arch Stable, it will be synced to Manjaro Unstable.

Please see Manjaro Features

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