[LXDE] 18.0.3 ISO release



LXDE ISO release


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To keep the releases apart I am using yywwd as identifier. That is the year, week of year, day of week.

So 19073 is created on day 3 of week 7 of year 2019.

$ echo $(date +%y%U%w)


@fhdk Thanks for the LXDE ISO release :slightly_smiling_face: I will give it a try.
BTW: do you know if the LXDE Desktop is still being active developed / maintained these days?

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It seems to be an active project.



Looks like it is :smiley: Thanks!


From everything I’ve seen and read, there is every intention to continue development and to maintain LXDE for as long as the existing gtk2 toolkit is viable.

Gnome is obviously leading the charge for gtk3+ desktops. Mate is now a gtk3 desktop also, and I believe XFCE is migrating also, if not already completed. AFAIK, LXDE is the last major DE using gtk2 and devs have stated that gtk3 is NOT in their plans, as they believe the Qt toolkit is the best path forward. However, LXDE & LXQt are concurrently maintained while the switchover is being developed and matured.

Now that LXQt desktops are making appearances, I personally believe LXQt maturation will accelerate. Lubuntu is probably the most prevalent LXDE desktop with the largest number of LXDE users. And Lubuntu released 18.04 LTS last year, with a 3-year support window. But Lubuntu 18.10 marked their first LXQt release, with all future planned releases being LXQt. Lubuntu 20.04 will be their first LTS with LXQt, so I’d say that’s a crucial date for LXDE users.

So while Lubuntu doesn’t dictate the entire LXDE/LXQt ecosystem, they probably represent the single largest faction of those DE users. I think it’s safe to say that LXDE will continue to be viable AT LEAST through April 2021. I suspect LXDE will lose a lot of users between April 2020 and April 2021.

Of course, those users could avoid LXQt and switch distros to LXDE distros (similar to loss of Unity users migrating to Mint Mate and Cinnamon). Or LXDE could die on the vine, like Unity. Or LXDE could update its toolkit, or perhaps someone will fork it? A lot can happen between now and then. But I think I’ve digressed. Point being, LXDE is active, viable, and supremely stable for at least another 2+ years. If you like LXDE, LXQt is very similar, from a user perspective. If you don’t like Qt, 2+ years is a LONG time for another path to reveal itself in Linux land!

Enjoy your LXDE in good conscience!


@Hedon Thank you so much for your objective opinion on this matter. I guess i haven’t thought of it in this way. I happen to like this DE and will continue with LXDE and see what the time brings :wink:


LXDE is my preferred DE of choice. It’s the perfect blend of lightweight and user-friendly. More featureful than a naked WM, but less bloat than a full-blown DE. I’ve been an LXDE user for about 5 years now and I honestly don’t understand why it isn’t more prevalent. Poor marketing I guess?! LOL!

With that said, I’ve also been watching the development of LXQt, and I must admit I’m quite impressed! It’s coming along nicely, but it just isn’t quite there yet. If I have to choose, TODAY, between LXDE and LXQt, then LXDE gets the nod. Currently more features and more stable. But if I had no choice and LXQt were forced upon me, TODAY, I could use it with very few complaints and minimal disruption from how I like to do things.

I do think LXQt is the path to the future, but that’s primarily because we can see Qt in the future horizon and there’s a large cloud of unknown on the LXDE timeline where it’s hard to see past circa 2021ish. Even so, I think LXQt needs to “pull me” off of LXDE, moreso than LXDE “pushing me” away prematurely. I will remain an LXDE user until LXQt offers feature-parity (at least the features I consider important) and more stability. But LXQt has been closing that gap quite rapidly, IMO. FWIW…

Fans of LXDE tools and DE are in a very good place, IMO. LXQt provides a path forward, for those who are ready now; but the LXDE bridge hasn’t been burned (yet). When’s the last time THAT happened in linux land? LOL!


I am also a happy LXDE user, primarily Lubuntu for a couple of years, but I tend to like the Manjaro way better.

So I guess I was trying to decide if I should stay with LXDE og switch to LXQT, but as you correctly say, it isn’t quite there yet.

I have decided to stay with LXDE until I am forced to switch :relaxed:


I am also a Lubuntu user for about 5+ years now. But I’m really digging Manjaro, it’s philosophy, and the community support. I’ve got Manjaro in some VMs and I keep tinkering with it and trying to stay in the loop. Manjaro doesn’t quite fit my ecosystem (yet?!) but once I get those problems solved, and/or break my own habits, I’ll probably make the switch. I like it that much!

The most recent version of LXQt is now 0.14.1 and each version seems to incrementally remedy something that I consider a deal-killer for LXQt use. So I think it’s important to have the latest & greatest LXQt. Manjaro does that. Contrasted with Lubuntu, which uses LXQt 0.12 on 18.10, which only has 9 months of support. I consider the Ubuntu family’s “in between” releases to just be “beta” or “RC” for their next LTS, so I’m not a fan of those in-between and I sure ain’t gonna consider a non-LTS release with that version lag.

Personally, my decision is being dictated by the underlying distro. If I was on Manjaro, I’d probably make the switch to LXQt and enjoy the ride while it matures. But there’s no way I’m installing a version of LXQt that old on my Lubuntu. For that reason, I’ll stick with my default LXDE for as long as Lubuntu provides it, OR until I migrate to Manjaro.

Waiting to be “pulled” in either direction for the path to be revealed. And in linux land, something always happens to reveal the path. Until then, happy to be enjoying my supremely stable and ultimately malleable LXDE!