Lutris showing error regarding d3d12core interfaces

Game crashes after launch and this is what is in logs.

I downloaded the latest proton version from glorious-eggroll

wine: RLIMIT_NICE is <= 20, unable to use setpriority safely
44092.878:00c8:00cc:err:vkd3d-proton:load_d3d12core_once: Failed to find vkd3d-proton d3d12core interfaces. Make sure d3d12core.dll is installed as well.

For problems regarding Lutris, i advise you to use their forum because thats dedicated to problems with Lutris…



hey, although, as pointed out before by @TriMoon, this is not a Manjaro-specific error. But from what I can interpret with this Information at hand, it seems like you want to use ProtonGE as Wine-Version. As GloriousEggroll states on Github, those are not supported in Lutris. For those, he provides Wine-GE on Github, which is specifically to use with Lutris. Maybe this helps you already :slight_smile:


I see, thanks. I’ll do that

It works on vd3kd 2.8

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