LunarG sdk on the AUR?

Does anyone know what package houses the LunarG vulkan SDK on the AUR?

Hi @basil,

I’m going to go ahead and guess it’s vulkan-extra-tools:

$ pamac search lunarg
vulkan-extra-tools            extra
Vulkan lunarg tools
openxr-layers-git    1.0.12.r22.g06b5b7f-1  AUR
OpenXR Layers, including XR_APILAYER_LUNARG_core_validation
lunarglass-git       20170528-1             AUR
LLVM IR and optimizer for shaders, including front-end adapters for GLSL and SPIR-V


And I see it’s in the extra repositories, so not neccessary to use anything from the AUR.

You can just install is with pamac:

$ sudo pamac install vulkan-extra-tools

Hope this helps!

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There was long ago an AUR pkgbuild but was extremely awful

It is some time (2 years) that the LunarG Vulkan SDK is the official one, it is in fact the vulkan-extra-tools from the official repository

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